Trina Nycol Brown​

Paralegal Educator & Researcher

Professorial/Teaching Experience

Professorial instruction within American Bar Association (ABA) Approved Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Paralegal Studies degree program and taught the following courses: Legal Research | Legal Analysis & Writing | Civil Litigation | Tort Law | Career Strategies | Legal Technology (eDiscovery) | Family Law | Legal Terminology & Transcription | Criminal Law | Legal Ethics | Contract Law

Professorial instruction in post-undergraduate General Practice Paralegal Certificate program and taught the following courses: Litigation | Employment Law | Intellectual Property | Torts | Business Organizations | Commercial (Business) Law | Legal Research & Writing

Instruction of General Education Courses for Various Programs and taught the following courses: Bioethics, Sociology, Ethics, Psychology, English Composition, Interpersonal Communications, Healthcare Delivery & Legal Actions, Academic Strategies, Academic Skills, Human Resources, Career Strategies, and Windows (Software Applications).

Trina's Professional Experience

  • Paralegal teaching experience (onsite and online)
  • 25+ years of Paralegal/Paralegal Leadership experience
  • Award-Winning Professor
  • Online & Onsite Content Creator
  • Dissertation Research: Paralegal Leadership & Eudaimonia

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