Trina Nycol Brown​

Clinical Sociologist

Research Interest: Sociology of Law, Positive Sociology & Eudaimonic Workplaces

A member of the American Sociological Association and Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, Trina Nycol Brown is a Clinical Sociologist who practices and consults within the clinical sociological disciplines of workplace mediation, conflict resolution, and organizational development.  More specifically, she partners with leaders within the legal profession to develop paralegal departments and teams.  Trina is also an Adjunct Professor of Paralegal Studies within an American Bar Association accredited paralegal studies program. As a doctoral student, Trina's proposed quantitative doctoral research focuses on The role of The PERMA Model and workplace eudaimonia (predictive variables) within positive organizational scholarship (criterion variable) with the paralegal profession as the moderating factor.  Trina's long-term research interest includes the sociology of law, eudaimonic workplaces, positive sociology, and positive organizational scholarship.

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Services Provided Onsite or Online via Zoom

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