Trina Nycol Brown​

Clinical & Legal Sociologist

Specializing in Workplace Mediation, Labor Arbitration 

& Eudaimonic Workspaces

Adjunct Professor 

Educating students since 2013 (both onsite and online)

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Professorial Experience

Contributing Author for National Paralegal Certification Exam Questions

Teaching experience (onsite and online) since 2013

Paralegal Leadership experience since 2000

Paralegal experience since 1993

Award-Winning Instructor

Online & Onsite Course Content Creator

Textbook Contributor

Member of various Paralegal Advisory Boards

Ph.D. Dissertation Research: Eudaimonic Workplaces within Higher Education


"As a life-long learner, it is my pleasure to lead and engage my students through positive organizational scholarship. It is through this positive leadership style and diversity of thought that I’d like to break down the subject matter that may be challenging to digest but will allow my students to participate in complex ways of critical thinking and problem-solving."


“My dissertation research and long-term research goals focus on the ongoing research within the sociology of law, more specifically, the moderating effects of workplace mediation and restorative practices on eudaimonia within higher education. The goal of my research is to discover the ways in which practical experiences and academic orientations arrive at substantive conclusions within the creation of eudaimonistic workspaces."

Professorial instruction within American Bar Association (ABA) Approved Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Paralegal Studies degree program. 

Courses taught: 

Legal Research 

Legal Analysis & Writing 

Civil Litigation

Tort Law 

Career Strategies

Legal Technology (eDiscovery)

Family Law

Legal Terminology & Transcription

Criminal Law

Legal Ethics

Contract Law

Professorial instruction experience within a graduate General Practice Paralegal (GPP) Certificate program.

Courses taught: 


Employment Law

Intellectual Property


Business Organizations

Commercial (Business) Law

Legal Research & Writing

General Education Instructor with experience within general education programs for various programs.

Courses taught: 




Industrial and Organizational Psychology

English Composition

Interpersonal Communications

Healthcare Delivery & Legal Actions

Academic Strategies

Academic Skills

Human Resources

Career Strategies

Microsoft Office (Software Applications)


Using Podcasts as a Successful Tool for Engaging Students During COVID

National Association of Legal Assistants, CLA/CP Practice Exam Content

Paralegal Rainmaker Summit, How to Become a High-Potential (“HiPO”) Paralegal in Six Easy Steps.

George Washington University, GWU or Bust!


Books - Contributions

Paralegal Ethics Handbook, Thomson Reuters, Carrollton, Texas. 2022-2023 Ed.

Paralegal Ethics Handbook, Thomson Reuters, Carrollton, Texas. 2016-2017 Ed.

Paralegal Ethics Handbook, Thomson Reuters, Carrollton, Texas. 2015-2016 Ed.

Articles - Published

Brown, T.N., (2018). A Paralegal’s Guide to Selecting a Mediator in Texas, Texas Paralegal Journal, State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division, Winter 2018, Vol. 23, No. 3.

Brown, T.N., (2017). How to Become a High-Potential Paralegal (“HiPO”) Paralegal, Alliance Echo, (Spring/Summer).

Brown, T.N., (2016). How to Become a High-Potential Paralegal (“HiPO”) Paralegal, American Association for Paralegal Education, 31.1, (Spring/Summer), 43-44.

Brown, T.N. (2015). Paralegal Management Series:

  •  Incongruence between HiPO Talent and Performance
  • Paralegal Talent Pools 
  • Paralegal Talent Reviews
  • Past Performance as Predictor of Future Success
  • What is HiPO Talent?

Brown, T.N. (2013). An ethical framework for paralegals. Cowtown Paralegal Reporter, 31.3(May/June), 16-17.

Brown, T.N. (2013). The ten commandments of ethical responsibility. Cowtown Paralegal Reporter, 31.2(March/April), 13-14.